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Stuart Markus

I thoroughly enjoy working with Ryan and his unique take on many areas of spirituality and the mind.   His course and meditation on Memory Mastery has reopened much of the 50 plus years of my life that had been hidden away in the “long since forgotten” or inaccessible areas of my memory.   And his Astral Projection course and insider meetings go into great depth on subjects like Lucid Dreaming, additional memory work, thought forms and many more besides his core strength of projection.  


I can’t recommend his work highly enough to either experienced or newly aspiring spiritualists and Astral Travelers .


Software Engineer Melbourne Australia


Further, they could rest assured knowing that I wouldn't be telling another soul. After some years I became pretty good at listening and offering solid practical advice. Who would've known that I would have become a renowned (spiritual) life coach. Why the spiritual? I'm going to be honest, ''Psychic'' is a tough word for anybody to chew on. And for a while I was sceptical until I drown in 2009 having memories of my past hit me like a ton of bricks. ​Memories of my out of body experiences at age 5, seeing spirits, and being able to read other peoples minds all, flooding back. Over the years I've recovered these suppressed abilities and more, and have taught - thanks to the combined efforts of YouTube and my coaching carrier, millions of people how to do the same.


In this VICE feature you can watch me pull a memory out of Hanna's mind and empathically describe her memories from her own, past perspective. If you are interested in learning similar abilities online, then you can do so simply by checking out my top selling online courses below. And, if you would like to book a 'Spiritual life coaching session' with me sometime this week, then you can simply do so by clicking the 'book a session button' below. Furthermore, checking out the list of services that I provide.

The Day I Died

Changed everything...

eeing me here for the first time? Then here is a quick summery about about me before moving forward. I'm Ryan Cropper, and in retrospect I thought I'd be invisible to the world. As a child I was quite and kept to myself, abuse will do that to you. But my ''being reserved'' only made me stand out more.​ People came to me with their problems and sort out my advice, because, who would I tell. To their surprise they often enjoyed my company over a short period of time. 


30 Day money back guarantee on any course you buy and all sessions can be recorded upon request. Furthermore, Recordings are not mandatory in order for you to have your session. So, if you say no, it's okay.

You are taken care of. All payments can be done through PayPal as their services also give you the option to use your Debit/credit card. Students must be 18 + in order to book a session.
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