June 3, 2017

This post is about Vegan recipes which can replace a modern diet. Mainly this ones pertaining to Vegan Lasagna, Raw Vegan if...

January 22, 2016


1 avocado

1 mango

1 lemon

2 Cauliflower

3 dates

sea salt


Caribbean spice

smoked paprika

cyan pepper

half a cup of wat...

January 3, 2016





2 Ripe avocado''s

1 table spoon of vanilla extract (Liquid)

2 bananas

6 tb of Raw unrefined cocoa chocolate powde...

December 29, 2015



What you will need...


Chopping Bord

Potato peeler if needed

2 large bowl's, 1 large one medium

High powered blender



December 28, 2015


Things you will need.


High powered blender

chopping bord

sharp knife

mason jar for Macadamia nuts

silicone cake mould would be...

August 2, 2015


We've all herd these sayings and yet its not until it happens that we feel confused or alone...


Are you satisfied...

July 21, 2015


Two things are needed to create a grate tasting dish on a low budget..  

1. Patience

2. The ability to remember individ...

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