Raw Living | Eating healthy on a shoestring budget.

Two things are needed to create a grate tasting dish on a low budget..

1. Patience

2. The ability to remember individual tastes and then combine them creating the practical sensation of eating without actually eating.

The 2nd is really important because the last thing you want to do is to force yourself to eat something terrible simply because you've got nothing else in the fridge.

Simple yet basic | Raw chessey noodles

Raw Zucchini noodles!

Ingredients for you to try at home.

Zucchini - 4

Pine nuts -125g

Coconut water - 1 Cup

Cauliflower 2 - 5gm

Basil - 6 leaves

B12 nutritional yeast - haft a cup.

Celtic sea salt - half a teaspoon.

Black pepper (Pinch)

Lemon juice - 1 lemon

Note all ingredients could be found in the usual vegans kitchen lol.

I grew up addicted to processed cheese, pizzas panini’s even eating cheese on its own and after an over consumption of dairy products my body had enough and developed a serious allergic reaction to cheese. Ever since then ive found simple way to create the texture and the tastes of all the chesses I once enjoyed as a child without the destructive side effects.

Take for example this cream cheese for this raw dish, put together by soaking pine nuts overnight then adding a cup of coconut water into the blender to keep it company along with basil, lemon juice, sea salt and B12 nutritional yeast to add the cheesy taste!

Don’t worry ill post a link below to where I personally buy my B12 nutritional east online :).

The spiralizer! cutting the shape to the perfect noodels.

The spiralizer! cutting the shape into perfect noodles.

After the cheese was made I continued by using a spiralizer creating raw zucchini noodles to add to the dish after witch grating cauliflower for the topping sprinkled with black pepper, then the dish was complete for my consumption bon apatite!

A must for all cheese lovers trying to let go of cheese, there are better options out there all it takes is a little time to be creative :)

A lot can of recipes can be made, from Chinese to sower dishes your imaginations the limit so stay posted to this Blog to read more of my tasty raw food recipes including some awesome deserts :P...

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