How to attract your Spiritual Tribe...

We've all herd these sayings and yet its not until it happens that we feel confused or alone...

Are you satisfied now that you've got everything you wanted

That moment when you've realised that your wants are less important than your needs is you want something you could do without... In this day and age its most likely a distraction.

Want another persons life, there popularity, their perfect relationship, their dream house.

Have you ever stopped to think what you need?

The day you easily notice your wants match up with your needs is the day you'll get everything you've ever wanted and more. Thats Key!

You've changed …

No my mask has just fallen off.

It feels great to be yourself but a lot of people are trying to be something their not, It starts from a young age to get what other people have lets take it way back to school. Teachers says "if you behave you'll get a cookie” the children automatically being taught to change their behaviour to get what they want. High school is the same only its popularity, changing the way you dress like that popular kid in school that started that trend, everyone whats to be that popular kid but what he's not telling you is he's not copying anyone else he's just being himself and thats what making him so happy.

Your friends will hold you back

Thinking back to the old group of people I used to automatically call my friends, this was the hardest truth to accept however

experience tells more than the truth.

Now when I finally realise that hanging around depressing people with a depressing mindset was making me depressed after listening to their brake up stories or financial problems or even general banter about the news, I started focusing on the positive things happening within my own life and making positive changes to embrace who I am rather than who I was trying to be!

Thats when it happened...

Paul - "Why aren't you drinking alcohol?"

Me - "Because it makes me feel sick and its draining all my money out of my bank account"

Paul - "You Bast*** drink that fuc**** drink NOW!”

followed by an aggressive push into the crowed.

Misery loves company

It was then I realised that Paul and these people I called my friends weren't hanging around me for my friendly company but because it only made them feel better about themselves, Me being worse off than them made them believe that they didn’t have it so bad. I also didn't value or care about my health or wellbeing to the point where I also took part in the act of "drowning my sorrows". (Misery loves company)

Then I started to question our relationship and many other kinds of relate shion ships, if they don't want to be around me because of who I am then all this time were they really my friends?...

No friends don’t violently swear abusive language to a person that they care about, and that was the last I saw of him or his kind, why?

Because I deserve to be treated better and not used to make someone feel better about their miserable life.

Redefining your value is key! to finding your place in society. keep reading to know why...

Your family will hold you back

At the time my mum loved cooking for everyone, so as soon as I told her I was going vegan she freaked out then all of her insecurities came out.

Where will you get your protein, your calcium, you'll starve yourself to death.

She knew she wasn't fully equipped to prepare vegan food nor did she know where to start, she panicked searching through the kitchen but before long she was joining me as I had to educate my family on healthy real nutritional living witch made everyone more food conscious but most importantly health conscious. (This made it especially easy to make new friends at vegan restaurants along Brighton's coast in the UK).

You need time to be by yourself

Of course as I started noticing how I should be properly treated... I mean I wouldn't dare yell at a friend for wanting to improve themselves so I needed to reflect that side of me back to the public allowing like minded individuals to do the same.

daring to attend self development groups, being inspired by motivational speakers and hanging around people who do the same, the discussions where explosive involving individuals who not only saw their own value but the value in others.

Defining your value is Key! then act swiftly to surround yourself with people who do the same.

But you know...Time heals all wounds but I dare you to pick at them seek out your value within these examples relate to the knowingness of what your worth and spend time by yourself to do as much observational perception shifting mind altering healing as you possibly can, and when your done you'll find yourself being around more than enough friends then you’ve ever thought was possible.

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