Chinese style! My Raw courgette mushroom noodles

What you will need...


Chopping Bord

Potato peeler if needed

2 large bowl's, 1 large one medium

High powered blender


4 courgettes

Half a scotch bonnet chilli

5 dates

1 tea spoon of cyan chilli powder

1 ounce or coriander

1 cup of portabello mushrooms

1 tea spoon of pink or grey celtic rock sea salt

1 cup of sweet cherry tomatoes

4 Blood oranges

1 cup of dehydrated mixed mushrooms also known as forest mushrooms.

1 ounce of organic spring onions

1 shot glass of chives

75g of salt free corn

Noodels Peel and Spiralize 4 courgettes or leave them unpeeled if you would prefer, then add them into thir own large bowl for later leaving the medium bowl free. The Sauce Add half Scotch bonnet chilli to your blender including the following ingredents, de-pitt 5 dates, your cyan chill powder, diced coriander,portobello mushrooms, pink sea salt, sweet tomatoes and 4 blood oranges for the saucy nippy mix then blend until creamy!

Chuncky Mix Add half a cup of Dehydrated mixed mushrooms to the medium sized bowl then the diced organic spring onions including the chives, fresh Portobello mushrooms and salt free corn.

Next is to get messy :P...

Take your blended sauce and poor it into the large bowl of the courgette noodles, after witch add the mixed bowl of your chuncky mixed veg also to the large bowl of your sprilaized noodels.

Onced aplyed use your hands to massage all of the ingredents together.

Bona petite & enjoy, this is one of my faviourate dishes simply because of its unique taste have fun.

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