Desert || Raw avocado chocolate mouse


2 Ripe avocado''s

1 table spoon of vanilla extract (Liquid)

2 bananas

6 tb of Raw unrefined cocoa chocolate powder

Half a cup of soaked chi seeds

1 ounce of fresh mint

1 3rd or a scotch bonnet/chilli

A really simple recipe for an awesome desert :)

To prepare the chia seeds simply add about three inches of cold water inside of a cup to half a cup of chia seeds and sture until it becomes a gelatinous consistency, after witch add the 1 tablespoon of vanilla flavouring in to the mixture.

Add to your blender the following ingredients, then blend until of a creamy consistency. peeled avocado, both bannanas, raw powdered cocoa seeds with mint, ginger and a spot of chill/scotch bonnet.

After blended poor the mixture into a bowl of your choosing afterwitch adding the soaked chia seeds.


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