Vegan Pine-nut Cheese Lasagna

Many of these ingredients are raw not cooked, except for the nutritional yeast & the Rye bread. You can substitute the rye with dehydrated mushrooms along with sunflower seeds, & use pistachio peanuts instead of the B12 Yeast. But, you'll be missing out on the Rye texture.


250g Portobello mushrooms

3 Ts Cold pressed Coconut oil

250 Oyster mushrooms

3 Limes

2 Lemons

250g Pinenuts

Apple cider vinegar

B12 nutritional yeast

2 Avocados

Rye Bread

Optional: Sun-dried tomatoes

Optional: Cherry tomatoes

Optional: Large tomatoes

Optional: Tomato pure

Optional: Tomato Juice

One cup of water



Bay leafs


Sea salt

Black pepper

Optional: White pepper



Olive oil

You'll need 4 medium sized bowls, 1 small bowl, & one deep-dish along with your average cutlery. You'll also need 3 of the 4 bowls for three different kinds of food mixes being; Cheese, Tomato Sauce, and the Green filling. These are all separated by a thin layer of sliced yellow zucchini.

Prepare these first!

Dice Portobello mushrooms then add only these mushrooms to a your 1st medium sized bowl. Massage the mushrooms with sea salt, then leave for about an hour. After the hour's complete, then add warm/melted coconut oil to the bowl while further mixing the salt into the mushrooms along with the oil, then leave for an additional hour.

Also, within the only small bowl soak your oyster mushrooms in (lime juice not lemon) for about an hour to be used for the cheese filling later on.

The three main layers for the remaining three bowls consist of the following; Cheese filling – Blend Pinenuts with rosemary, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, B12 nutritional yeast, & avocado to make the cream. After they’ve been blended your cream is done, poor into bowl 2. Then add diced and or whole olives to the cream along with some finely diced chives. After which your 2nd medium bowl is done. Mix well

Tomato sauce – You can choose to either blend sun-dried tomatoes with sweet baby tomatoes to make the sauce - with some additional water. Or, you can buy tomato puree to put into the blender with large tomatoes, along-side some water & or tomato juice. Either way, add the herb 'thyme' to the tomato sauce then poor into bowl 3. After which dice up some organic sunflower-seed rye bread (It’s dark brown ‘not soft’) Into small squares to mimic minced meat. Then add both the bread & the coconut soaked Portobello mushrooms which you've soaked earlier for (2hours,) to your third medium bowl with the Tomato sauce. Mix well.

Green filling – Throw some spinach into a food processor – only to be diced up into big chunks, but before then add some olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, ‘Fresh bay leafs’ & (lemon Juice, not lime). Once roughly blended medium bowl 4 is done.

Now for the assembly

Make sure that the bottom of your deep dish is lined with the thickest amount of sliced zucchini, so that the meal doesn’t fall apart. Then add a layer of green filling first, after which proceed in layering more thin slices of zucchini on top. Then comes the cheese, add some from the cheesy bowl to the second layer. Then, ‘lay some the oyster mushrooms on top of the cheese after which adding more cheese to cover the lime soaked mushrooms.’ Then you can lay down more zucchini layers for the next filling – the Meaty Tomato filling. Repeat until satisfied, making sure that the tomato mushroom filling finishes on top. Add more Portobello mushrooms for decoration, perhaps some diced chives glazed in some olive oil, then sprinkle on some white pepper for appearances and extra flavour, fin.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION. You must let the dish sit in the fridge for upwards of two hours before you decide to cut into the meal. It’s mandatory so that all of the fluids can sink to the bottom. Thereby, allowing the food to hold together while you’re dishing out your meal. Also, be careful with the rosemary as too much can easily ruin your cheesy cream. Taste as you go along in order to make sure that you’re not adding too much of one ingredient, and always hold off until the bowl is finished before adding more.

Enjoy. ;)

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