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Renoir Alamain


There is nothing more important that any of us can invest in than the advancement of our consciousness ! With that being said I am so greateful to have Ryan as a teacher who has helped me achieve the skill of astral projection . Even now I am continuing via online affordable sessions with Ryan to learn many other techniques beyond astral travel ! :) Enter into the discipline to bring about a radical change in your life ,there is no reason to live under your true potential !

Stuart Markus

Ryan's willingness to make an extra effort in helping others to learn is most refreshing! I've been involved in metaphysical practices for over 3 decades now, and am very excited to be working with someone so dedicated to training skills of others, to be the best that they can be.

Bryn Bowlden


months and months of curiosity and excitement about astral projection led me to ryans youtube videos and ultimately, one of his private conferences! If you are serious about becoming in tune with your spiritual self, Ryan is the guy to talk to. Not only are his conferences affordable but the amount of knowledge passed on is truly priceless and tailored to suit you personally. 10/10 in my books.

Jason Winget

I did a private session with Ryan also, and I agree with all the others on here, worth every penny! If your on the fence and not sure if you want to do a session, take my word for it, DO IT! you wont regret it!

Erik Kylander


Ryan is pure inspiration. After my first consultation with him my mind suddenly opened up to new ways of being. Some things got less important while other things that I Before did not care about suddenly were made into priorities. I do not only recommend Ryan as a coach in regards to astral projection, but also in Life. He has the ability to see truth for what it is which he can use to clear and sharpen ones individual skills. If you feel like you've hit a road block or just want to super charge your spiritual evolvement Ryan is the man to Contact.

Josh Ranseth


Do you want to understand who/what you really are? Would you like to go a little deeper into infinity? For me Astral projection and astral travel have given me some of the most useful information I could ever obtain. Something one could never get outside of themselves is simply within themselves. Ryan really helped me astral project with his videos so I decided to have a session with him so I could travel. This was one of the many keys along my jurney as I created my own personal technique using his information, and other I had been trying. Which that key I wouldnt be able to project without ease and would not be able to travel from time to time. The experiences I have had using this information are priceless. Plus ryan checks up plenty to see how progess is going which to me really shows how involed he is and how he wishes to evolve the collective of this planet. I am plenty thankful for our session!

Sabrina Bruno


After finding Ryan via YouTube I felt so inspired and excited to experience things such as astral projection. I instantly had a plethora of questions to ask after my first 3 attempts at astral projection and found out I could have a one on one Skype session with Ryan. I wanted to share my experiences to ensure I was on the right path and to hear some feedback.  I jumped on the opportunity to meet him and our session was more than I could have expected or hoped for. You can only learn so much from watching YouTube videos and listening to Podcasts as they aren't interactive and everyone has a different way of learning. Having a Skype session allowed me to ask questions, figure out the root issues that were holding me back from experiencing things beyond this physical realm and to learn tips and tricks specifically catered to me. Everyone has different obstacles and mentalities to overcome if you're stuck, and there's no better way to address those than to have a one on one with this amazing man. I'm ready to wake up, and I'm so thankful that Ryan has become part of that path. 

-Sabrina Bruno

Lucas Waxmann


"After having my first conscious astral projection experience since my childhood - I immediatley sought answers and found them in the form of Ryan's videos. These videos brought instant clarity and reassured me, that what I was experiencing is a completley natural phenomenon. So when I started working on my lucid dreaming audio feature, I naturally gravitated torward Ryan, asking him to contribute. His enthusiasm and positive attitude torward my doing came as a pleasant surprise. Shortly after, I was picking his brains about everything regarding astral projection. It became clear that Ryan has loads of experience in the astral realm - not only did he answer all my questions to the best of his ability, but also helped me realize my problems that prevent me from projecting. All in all, it was a great experience worth repeating."- Lucas Waxmann

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