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Read up on the experiences  of others in order to help you make your decision.


Weather it'll be a coaching call or a video course, I'm sure we'll have the right service for you.


Berthina Kayembe,


My sessions with Ryan have been invaluable in my journey of becoming who I want to be. I had been disturbed by frightening sleep paralysis for 20 years, was struggling to find my purpose and fighting an addiction. After talking with Ryan it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and I could finally understand why I was stuck. I instantly started to let go of old patterns and was able to face my fears head on. 

I always feel safe opening up to him because he is so kind, genuine, honest and generous. Thank you.  - Berthina

Erik Kylander,


Ryan is pure inspiration. After my first consultation with him my mind suddenly opened up to new ways of being. Some things got less important while other things that I Before did not care about suddenly were made into priorities. I do not only recommend Ryan as a coach in regards to astral projection, but also in Life. He has the ability to see truth for what it is which he can use to clear and sharpen ones individual skills. If you feel like you've hit a road block or just want to super charge your spiritual evolvement Ryan is the man to Contact.

Adam Oliveira,

As a teenager I eventually discovered a spiritual side of myself, diving into Buddhism, chakras systems, and meditation. Unfortunately, this did not last long, as for the first time I found friends who helped me socially, but in return distracted me from my true self. I recently stumbled back into my spiritual past after coming across one of Ryan's videos on YouTube one night. At the time, I was in a rough place, trying to piece my life back together.


Because of Ryan and his gift, I was led back into my spiritual journey. He helped me pick myself back up from an energy that was doing me nothing but harm and distress. Ryan's inspirational videos have helped me

to think and act on a whole new frequency; feeling love and gratitude for everything that surrounds me.


Investing into Ryan's courses and consultations have proved to be invaluable to me. Ryan is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom; thoroughly explaining techniques on astral projection, lucid dreaming, memory mastery, and manifestation, to name a few. He gives thoughtful advice tailored to individualistic needs, and does it with a smile. Even with this immense gift of ingenuity I found that Ryan is super down to earth and easy to talk to.

If you want to become a better version of yourself, explore new avenues of life, feel & see things completely new to you, or simply have some fun, then Ryan will help you more than you can possibly know.


Thanks for everything Ryan


- Adam

Tasha Jones,

Dear Ryan,

Your personal consultations have been invaluable to me. My life has changed for the better in so many ways. When I came to you I was broken, confused, and in a lot of emotional pain due to my past experiences. I didn’t even know how depressed I was because I was used to the feeling. We did some work and because of it, I was able to loose my past trauma and the negative experiences weighing me down. I’m actually happy now. I don’t know the last time I felt this joy and peace. You helped me, changed my life, but most importantly you taught me how to help myself. I love that you make sure I’m not dependent on you but I leave with the skills and confidence to continue the work on my own.

I definitely don’t get the same results on my own right now but I am getting better and for that I am grateful.

My spirituality and awareness has grown more than I thought possible. Now the sky’s the limit. Because of your patience and knack for explaining things in such detail I have become super emotionally intelligent, I can move my awareness throughout the body, quiet the chatter of an ADHD mind, and move the energy or chi in my body, of course you know I could go on because I discover new abilities each session.

I see you donate extra time to your clients which tells me that you are personally invested in the people you help.  It is so easy to talk to you because I can tell you genuinely care. Your presence frees me to be myself. You are turning me into my best self. The me I’ve always dreamed of.  

I would say thank you but those words aren’t enough to express my gratitude.

Rhys Lloyd,

If you’re going to book a session with Ryan, here’s what you need to know about him. Ryan is a great teacher in the sense that he’s really down-to-earth, although some might argue there are better ways to describe him based on what he knows about the Universe. If you’ve watched his videos, then you would have already got an idea of his character; he is charismatic and grounded in what he understands about himself and reality. More to the point, on re-watching the sessions I’ve had so far with Ryan, I realized that he can offer a road-map from where it is you are, to where it is you want to be.


He knows the mindset you currently have and how it needs to change if you’re willing to put in the work yourself, and to me that’s so cool. It’s a gift. What I appreciate even more is how Ryan doesn’t present himself as a guru of any kind, but he treats you like a friend. Now after having a couple sessions with Ryan I can say he is a friend, one that gives really practical advice. It’s important to mention that he’s also authentic and humble, if he knows your mindset is stalling your abundance in life, Ryan will question you about it, and for good reason. 


Alongside any meditation advice he gives, these aspects of the online sessions Ryan provides are of immense value and you should certainly consider taking an hour or two to talk from a person who can honestly guide you to resolve your worries or struggles.


Lucas Waxmann

"After having my first conscious astral projection experience since my childhood - I immediately sought answers and found them in the form of Ryan's videos. These videos brought instant clarity and reassured me, that what I was experiencing is a completely natural phenomenon. So when I started working on my lucid dreaming audio feature, I naturally gravitated toward Ryan, asking him to contribute. His enthusiasm and positive attitude toward my doing came as a pleasant surprise. Shortly after, I was picking his brains about everything regarding astral projection. It became clear that Ryan has loads of experience in the astral realm - not only did he answer all my questions to the best of his ability, but also helped me realize my problems that prevent me from projecting. All in all, it was a great experience worth repeating."

Ross Pincus,

In the short time I had with Ryan he confirmed things for me that I wasn't conscious of and this has actually awakened me further and given me a world of confidence about what and who I am and the journey I am going through. What he has done for me through his videos and a 121 consultation, and many many others, is nothing short of a blessing. To help people live better more fulfilling lives in my eyes is a sign of an angel. I hope I can impact someone else's life like he has mine. Thank you Ryan, 

Peace and love.

Bryn Bowlden,


months and months of curiosity and excitement about astral projection led me to Ryan's Youtube videos and ultimately, one of his private conferences! If you are serious about becoming in tune with your spiritual self, Ryan is the guy to talk to. Not only are his conferences affordable but the amount of knowledge passed on is truly priceless and tailored to suit you personally. 10/10 in my books.

Lonnie Jones

During my coaching sessions with you I gained so much information. I am able to connect to the spirit and myself with ease. Actually, it’s all the time-my new way of life. The different techniques you taught me concerning meditation and astral projection are phenomenal. I am now learning to astral project at will. Before the coaching I wasn’t sure about my life’s purpose and was afraid to make certain moves thinking I would fail. Now, I have clear understanding of my life purpose and what I need to do to accomplish my goals. You imparted so much knowledge in me and I practice it everyday.

Your coaching gave me the courage I needed to talk to my brother who is a Bishop of his own church about astral projection, spiritual awareness and living/seeing in higher dimensions. After I shared my experiences with my brother and three of my sisters, it brought us closer together and the most astonishing thing is that my brother, the Christian Bishop said, “my life will never be the same. After everything we talked about and experienced today, I can’t go back to my church the same way. Then he said, with happy tears in his eyes, my sisters are not only my family support but my spiritual support”. As I’m writing to you I can feel the energy that was flowing through the room as we talked and truly connected with one another for the first time. My family feels excited, joyful, victorious, and awakened. The photo is of me (in the plaid shirt), my youngest sister in the black jacket, my older sister in the denim jacket and my brother. Ryan my friend, you are AMAZING! From the depths of my heart I thank you and appreciate you so much.

Teddy Wachtler,

Overall, I would say my session with Ryan was a great experience. I had been following his videos on YouTube for quite some time and I found them so interesting and full of helpful information. I decided to book an online session with him because I really wanted to talk with him personally. Just like in his videos, he was full of wisdom and good advice. I was able to get his insight on specific questions I had, which was really nice. Ryan is a very unique, gifted, and powerful individual and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for guidance or has questions about this kind of stuff.

Shahrazatt Spata Chaudhri​,

As I'm sitting here trying to type up a review for you, I realize that words are not nearly enough to express my gratitude for all the help you have given and still continue to give, but I will try anyway. I found your YouTube channel and Instantly felt connect to what you were teaching. Every video had something interesting to learn.


As I watched more videos, I realised that I had more to learn, so I decided to book a session. Our first session helped me understand some of the difficulties I was going through being an intuitive person. You took your time to try and get to the root of the issues I was having. You gave me your full attention and even some extra time, I felt like you cared and really wanted to help me. 


We had a number of session and every one better than the one before. My perception started to shift, my reality started to expand. It was amazing just by talking to you, my reality was shifting right in front of my eyes. I have done sessions with many intuitive people and non have shift my perception as fast as you have. The way you put things into perspective made me understand things that I never thought to think of. I can tell that you truly care about each and everyone of us. You put in time and effect into every video you make and have dedicated your life to helping others. I truly commend you for your services and I look forward to future session, thank you for being

Alexandra Ahlblad

I booked a session with Ryan because he has such great information on his YouTube channel. So, I’d thought it’ll be a good Idea to talk to him face to face via Skype. I had no idea what to expect, I knew what my situation was - a classic bad past whilst walking on a spiritual journey, but I wasn't going anywhere. I used substances to make myself feel good. I couldn’t quite grasp who I was because I was living out of my many characters/egos, all of which kept me safe. I was living from a place of anxiousness whilst dipping in and out of depression leading me to doubt myself every step of the way.

Then, that Skype day came...and ooo wow, Ryan’s true compassion really shines through. He has a great wealth of knowledge pertaining to the mind & I’m not sure what happened…but after that meeting my life hasn’t been the same! A kickstart to life, a kickstart to being free. 


What he’d explained to me made sense, as he explains his information in a really understandable way. He also understands us, and really doesn’t judge our human actions. Wow such real compassion and understanding, and something about that session truly shifted something within me, my heart became more open. I believe I can live again, a big shift, I would recommend his services to absolutely anyone! If you want help, and are in need of answers to your questions, then book an appointment with him! :))

Stuart Markus,

I thoroughly enjoy working with Ryan and his unique take on many areas of spirituality and the mind.   His course and meditation on Memory Mastery has reopened much of the 50 plus years of my life that had been hidden away in the “long since forgotten” or inaccessible areas of my memory.   And his Astral Projection course and insider meetings go into great depth on subjects like Lucid Dreaming, additional memory work, thought forms and many more besides his core strength of projection.  


I can’t recommend his work highly enough to either experienced or newly aspiring spiritualists and Astral Travelers …


Stuart Markus - Software Engineer Melbourne Australia

Robyn Ringgold​,

I originally found Ryan's YouTube videos when exploring astral travel. I am amazed at the breadth of topics he covers in his videos from astral travel, numerology to dry fasting. As I continue to awaken to my higher self, his videos offer essential pieces of the puzzle.  I purchased a one-on-one session to ask specific questions regarding my astral travel experience. The session was extremely helpful and Ryan gave me invaluable advice I use daily in my life. Ryan's sharing of his knowledge and experiences is truly an awesome gift to all of us who are ready to soar! 

Josh Ranseth,


Do you want to understand who/what you really are? Would you like to go a little deeper into infinity? For me Astral projection and astral travel have given me some of the most useful information I could ever obtain. Something one could never get outside of themselves is simply within themselves. Ryan really helped me astral project with his videos so I decided to have a session with him so I could travel. This was one of the many keys along my journey as I created my own personal technique using his information, and other I had been trying. Which that key I wouldn't be able to project without ease and would not be able to travel from time to time. The experiences I have had using this information are priceless. Plus Ryan checks up plenty to see how progress is going which to me really shows how involved he is and how he wishes to evolve the collective of this planet. I am plenty thankful for our session!

Michelle Jacome,

If you'd ever like an extra push to get in touch with your inner self, Ryan is your guy. Understanding myself and my potential wasn't the easiest thing to do without the proper guidance. After stumbling upon Ryan's videos on YouTube, I began to feel a better sense of understanding consciousness and how that can affect my own life and perhaps that of which is around me. Speaking one on one with Ryan was definitely a higher experience as he could elaborate on any steps that would take you further into understanding consciousness and being one with yourself. His efforts are limitless and it definitely shows!

Renoir Alamain,

There's nothing more important to us than investing in the enhancement of our consciousness! With that being said I am so grateful to have Ryan as a teacher who has helped me achieve the skill of astral projection . Even now I am continuing via online affordable sessions with Ryan to learn many other techniques beyond astral travel! :) Enter into the discipline to bring about a radical change in your life ,there is no reason to live under your true potential!

Sabrina Bruno,


After finding Ryan via YouTube I felt so inspired and excited to experience things such as astral projection. I instantly had a plethora of questions to ask after my first 3 attempts at astral projection and found out I could have a one on one Skype session with Ryan. I wanted to share my experiences to ensure I was on the right path and to hear some feedback.  I jumped on the opportunity to meet him and our session was more than I could have expected or hoped for.


You can only learn so much from watching YouTube videos and listening to Podcasts as they aren't interactive and everyone has a different way of learning. Having a Skype session allowed me to ask questions, figure out the root issues that were holding me back from experiencing things beyond this physical realm and to learn tips and tricks specifically catered to me. Everyone has different obstacles and mentalities to overcome if you're stuck, and there's no better way to address those than to have a one on one with this amazing man. I'm ready to wake up, and I'm so thankful that Ryan has become part of that path. 

-Sabrina Bruno

Jason Winget,

I did a private session with Ryan also, and I agree with all the others on here, worth every penny! If your on the fence and not sure if you want to do a session, take my word for it, DO IT! you wont regret it!

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