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The Space that Source Creates

For those of us on the path of spiritual healing, we are in the process of transmuting our emotional traumas within-- of taking that which we perceived as ‘bad’, ‘ugly’, or ‘dark’ and seeing the Light that shines so abundantly from the core of those traumas. We do this for various reasons, often in the pursuit of individual and collective Happiness, but also for another reason: until healed, these traumas create discordant, energetic filters that inhibit us from consciously accessing that Source within our Hearts that is Home, and that most incredible Loving Awareness.

Those of us on the spiritual path who are focused on healing understand this process. In our own unique ways, we are actively going within our emotional wounds and traumas, whether incurred over lifetimes or in the course of this one to heal them. We are recognizing that these disharmonious energies exist within, within the shadow, within the body, within our emotional and chakra systems. We acknowledge that these shadowy, traumatized elements exist within and set ourselves to healing them so that we may align with Source, and thus, Harmony, Peace, and a Pure, Innocent Bliss.

Now, I’m not sure what I thought would happen once I established this connection with Source within. As it is now, having Source so vibrant within me, in my Heart, it’s astounding how it transforms my world. Before I may have thought that in establishing this connection, my life would be easy-peasy from here on out, or that it meant I would be ‘done’ healing. That life would be a breeze and I would know only the happiness of heaven for the rest of my life.

What I’m discovering is that this is not necessarily the case.

Now that I feel the breath of Source within me, I’m aware that there is even more healing for me to do, and of the fears that still influence my reactions. But what’s incredible is that now that I have harmonized myself with Source, God, Primordial Essence-- whatever you’d like to call it-- in my Heart, I also have Home, and I have the strongest, most rock-hard foundation of support I ever could have dreamed of, and it’s all within me! I am my own Everything.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t go to friends or guides for support or help-- I do. But I choose them wisely and sparingly, and at the end of the day, I count on me and me alone to determine what’s best for me.

Knowing this, I have a newfound strength and confidence to face every challenge that I attract to myself with as much grace and compassion as I can muster. I am attracting some of the toughest trials I’ve known here on Earth, forcing myself to face my fears in the 3d in real time, not just in my memories or imagination.

Recently I experienced a physical injury that caused a shock to all of my systems, but especially to my physical body and nervous system. Before this I felt to be really floating through life again as one does when in that universal flow of alignment. I felt in total control of my emotions and what was happening to me, in terms of how I reacted to what happened to me. However, this event, this injury, threw me off a bit. It destabilized my emotional center, as it was meant to. Sometimes the best way to put things back together in harmony is to completely dismantle them, throwing them to the wind like a tornado whipping through space, so that they may be whipped back together in a way that serves the New Now.

As I’ve experienced some very turbulent emotions that I thought I would never have to experience again, I felt that old pull to throw tantrums, collapse, and go dark. However, the moment I felt this pull, my Heart piped up as if to say “what about me?” And in those turbulent moments, rather than disintegrate, I went straight to my Heart, to Source. In choosing Source over drama, I merge with a Loving Awareness, and it’s this Awareness that creates the space I need to take a breath and relax in observance of what I’m experiencing. I immediately remember that none of what’s happening to me is actually happening to ‘me’ for there is no me-- I am but a particle of Source, experiencing itself as this human attribute, here to expand and grow and love, a process that is never-ending.

In this Loving Awareness, I can recognize why I’m feeling these emotions, how it is they’ve influenced my life, the wondrous lessons they’ve helped me to learn, and in this I can thank them and transmute them to Love. The Source within is pure innocence. It does not judge, and isn’t even capable of conceptualizing such a notion. All of these elements come together to support a deeply experienced Peace.

Expanding the connection to Source within does not mean we will not continue to experience challenges, and in fact, in my experience, it has meant that I’m faced with even greater challenges than ever before. But dealing with them is so much easier because of this connection, and with each healing, this connection expands and deepens as I begin to flow even more fluidly through this universal alignment.

Source creates the space we need to heal; Source creates the space we need to grow; Source creates the space we need to see our world in Clarity; Source creates the space we need to Be.

This has been my experience with Source so far in this life, and I know I’ve yet just scraped the surface of what there is to develop in this connection, and how I may use it to serve others.

May this serve you as is best on your Journey.

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WOW ! Thank you for posting this, thank you for having the courage to tell us something so intimate and personal.
Also, I am sure that many people can relate to your healing journey, me include.
You should consider releasing a book, this is ameliorating!


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