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The Importance Of Strengthening & Repairing Your Field


During the quest for optimal well-being and spiritual balance, it is essential to recognize the significance of maintaining a clear auric field. The auric field, also known as the aura, is the energetic field that surrounds an individual. This field is not only a reflection of our emotional and physical state but also acts as a protective barrier against external energies and influences. By understanding the importance of a clear auric field, one can take proactive steps to safeguard their overall well-being and prevent energetic imbalances as well as otherworldly influences. In this article, we will explore the auric field, the impact of other people's energy fields, strategies to protect and cleanse the auric field, the significance of chakra clearing, and techniques for maintaining a clear auric field in daily life.

Understanding the Auric Field

The auric field can be described as a subtle electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the physical body. It is composed of multiple layers, each representing different aspects of our being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These layers interpenetrate and interact with one another, forming a dynamic energetic system. The auric field is not visible to the naked eye for most individuals but can be perceived and sensed through various metaphysical practices such as aura reading and energy healing.

The Impact of Other People's Energy Fields

We walk around like WI-FI routers coming into contact with each other's fields on a daily basis. These are the side affects that people often end up experiencing, either consciously or unconsciously.

Exchanging Energy with Others

When we come into close proximity with other individuals, our energy fields can overlap, leading to an exchange of energy. This energetic interaction can have both positive and negative effects on our well-being. Positive interactions can uplift and inspire us, while negative interactions can leave us feeling drained and depleted. Overtime, one can even pick up behaviours and mannerisms from those they choose to spend time with.

Negative Effects of Energetic Interactions

In electrical environments, graveyards, and or when surrounded by individuals with toxic energy, our auric fields can become contaminated with foreign or discordant energy. This can result in feelings of weakness, fatigue, and emotional distress. Failure to address these energetic imbalances can lead to the formation of energetic attachments, causing holes or disruptions in the auric field. These attachments may manifest as negative thought patterns, emotional instability, and even physical ailments.

WitchTok & The Occult

With the rise of WitchTok, occult practices have become commonplace within the online community. People of all ages are casting hexes, reaching out to the deceased, or summoning entities from the Goetia to settle vendettas. When practicing these rituals, lower vibrational spirits can be attracted to the practitioner's auric field, burrowing themselves deep within its centre; waiting for the perfect opportunity to wreak havoc in one's life. This can be due to the low vibrational nature of the rituals mentioned previously and can still happen even when practicing lightwork. It's important to protect yourself before starting an esoteric practice, or preferably, don't practice any at all if you would like to stay clean. Moreover, close any doors you may have opened to your mind and space.

Being around individuals who practice the occult improperly can and often will affect one's aura in the worst ways possible. Their entities can contaminate another's field, leading to unforeseen entity attachments. Our world is already chock full of negative entities, as picking one up on a daily outing is as common as catching a cold in December. It's best to be mindful of the company you keep, as there may be other unwanted visitors. Whether intentional or not, entities of all sizes can hitch a ride into a person's aura. After doing so, they'll either get to work on ruining a person's state of being, or they'll wait until the timing is right to tear them down. They like to wait until people are distressed, pulling on their insecurities, eventually making them physically and mentally ill. Don't get me started on what happens when we fall asleep.

Right before a person falls unconscious, they are wide open for an attack. There's an opening that is created in one's aura—if only briefly—which gives the enemy enough time to slip in and warp a person's mind. They start twisting their thoughts, keeping them up throughout all hours of the night. When they do eventually fall asleep, they have nightmares and are woken up by shadow beings fleeing their bedroom. These beings can be as small as a marble and can grow larger than most doorways. Trust me, if a person doesn't periodically clean and strengthen their aura, they're susceptible to all manner of influence, whether from a person, environment, or demonic force. When one's field is strong, they can feel these energies being neutralized by their field, even while they sleep.

Strategies to Protect and Cleanse Your Auric Field

To maintain a clear and vibrant auric field, it is crucial to implement strategies that fortify and cleanse the energy field. By following these practices, individuals can shield themselves from invasive energies and promote their overall wellbeing.

1. Pulling Your Energy Field Inwards

One effective strategy for protecting oneself in crowded environments is to consciously pull your auric field inwards by focusing on the sense of self that lies within your body, akin to focusing on the tip of a microscopic needle. This will create a smaller and denser energy field. By doing so, you minimize the risk of interacting with other people's energy fields and prevent unnecessary energetic entanglements. It is important to note that some individuals may unconsciously expand their energy fields to fill the entire space, which can indicate a need for validation or a lack of energetic boundaries. Encouraging them to pull themselves in can be beneficial for both parties involved.

2. Golden Light And Metaphorical Cement

Maintaining the integrity of your auric field is vital for protecting yourself from energetic contamination. Visualize filling any gaps or holes in your energy field with golden light and metaphorical cement. This act of sealing ensures that your energy field remains intact and less susceptible to external influences. Additionally, combing through your energy field with the intention of releasing any negative energy down your grounding cord - see photo below, can help disentangle any energetic attachments that may have formed.

3. Cleansing Your Auric Field

Regularly cleansing your auric field is essential for removing any accumulated toxic or foreign energy. This can be achieved through various techniques such as using a golden vacuum or a magnetic rose to draw out excess energy and releasing it down your grounding cord-see instructions meditation below. Cutting cords with individuals who have a negative impact on your energy can also aid in the cleansing process. By consciously severing these cords, you free yourself from their energetic influence and allow for greater energetic harmony.

4. Strengthening Your Auric Field Through Chakra Balancing

In regard to protecting and cleansing the auric field, it is crucial to address the health and balance of the chakra system. The chakras are energetic centers located along the spine, each associated with specific aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They act as gateways for our energy as well as the energy of our universe to flow in and out of our auric field. When the chakras are balanced and functioning optimally, they contribute to the overall strength and vitality of the auric field.

By practicing chakra clearing and balancing techniques, individuals can enhance the vibrancy and integrity of their auric field. A simple practice that beginners can do is one where by which the practitioner practices speaking the Mantras associated with each chakra out aloud. This has an activating and clearing effect on our Chakra system when done properly. Resulting in the clearing of our overall field. If you're interested in learning Mantras for the purpose of Chakra activation/clearing, you can do so by booking a class here.

5. Removing Entity Attachments and Energetic Damage

In some cases, the presence of entity attachments or the energetic damage that ensues can compromise the integrity of the auric field. Entity attachments are energetic connections formed with external entities, which can drain one's energy and disrupt their overall well-being. Clearing these attachments and repairing any energetic damage is crucial for restoring the health and vitality of the auric field. Seeking the assistance of professional energy healers or practitioners who specialize in entity removal can be beneficial in these situations as well as practicing regular Chakra clearing exercises, as doing so cleanses them from your aura.

6. Two Baths A Day Rule

In addition to strengthening your energy field, it is crucial to regularly clear and cleanse it of any energetic contamination. Think of your energy field as a sponge that absorbs energies from your environment and interactions. Over time, these energies can accumulate and weigh you down. To release this energetic residue, you can implement the 2 baths a day rule practice by the advanced Yogis of Tibet. Regular fire rituals will also purge ones aura of debris as fire rotates and cleanses our Chakras.

7. Golden Vacuum Technique

One effective technique is the golden vacuum. Visualize a golden vacuum cleaner hovering above your energy field. Allow it to gently suck out any excess or foreign energy that does not belong to you. As the vacuum collects this energy, see it being transmuted into pure light and released into the universe. Continue this process until you feel a sense of lightness and clarity in your energy field.

8. Magnetic Rose Technique

Another powerful technique is the magnetic rose. Visualize a beautiful rose made of magnetic energy in front of you. Allow this rose to move across your energy field, attracting and pulling out any stagnant or negative energy. As the rose collects this energy, see it transforming into vibrant light and being released into the earth for cleansing and transmutation. Repeat this process until you feel a renewed sense of vitality and balance.

9. Advanced Self-Reiki Energy Clearing Process

For those who are familiar with Reiki or energy healing, an advanced self-Reiki energy clearing process can be incredibly beneficial. Begin by grounding yourself and setting your intention to clear your energy field. Place your hands on your body, starting from the top of your head and slowly moving down, channelling Reiki energy into each area. As you do this, visualize any stagnant or negative energy being released and transmuted into pure light. Continue this process until you feel a deep sense of cleansing and renewal throughout your energy field.

10. Visualizing A Sphere Of Golden Light

Intention setting is a powerful tool that can be used in meditation to clear, protect, and strengthen your energy field. Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable space where you can relax and focus. Set your intention to clear any energetic debris, protect your energy field, and strengthen your connection to your highest good. As you breathe deeply and enter a meditative state, visualize a sphere of golden light surrounding your entire energy field. See this light acting as a protective barrier, filtering out any negative or harmful energies. Hold this visualization for several minutes, allowing the power of your intention to infuse your energy field with the strength to rid itself of discordant energy.


Maintaining a clear auric field is a foundational aspect of overall well-being and spiritual balance. By understanding the importance of protecting and cleansing the energy field, individuals can create a harmonious and vibrant energetic environment. Through strategies such as pulling the energy field inwards, ensuring its integrity, and regular cleansing, one can prevent energetic imbalances and promote positive experiences in life. By incorporating chakra clearing techniques and practicing grounding, visualization, and energy healing, individuals can strengthen their auric field and enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

With the multitude of resources available, individuals can access guided meditations, healing audios, and seek the assistance of professional energy healers to support their journey of maintaining a clear auric field. Embracing the importance of a clear auric field is a transformative step towards cultivating well-being, happiness, and spiritual alignment.


1. What is the auric field, and why is it important?

The auric field is an energy field around our body, reflecting our well-being. It's crucial for overall health.

2. How can I understand my auric field?

Metaphysical practices like aura reading and energy healing help sense and interpret the unseen energy around us including your auric field.

3. How do other people's energy fields affect us?

Interactions can be positive or negative, influencing our well-being. Toxic environments may contaminate our auric field, leading to weakness and distress.

4. How does the occult relate to the auric field?

Engaging in occult practices, especially improperly, can attract negative spirits that may choose to attach onto our aura. Being around such practices can contaminate our energy, leading to unwanted influences.

5. How can I protect and cleanse my auric field?

Strategies include pulling your energy inward in crowded places, sealing gaps with golden light, and using techniques like the golden vacuum or magnetic rose. Cutting cords with negative influences and practicing chakra clearing are recommended.

6. How does chakra clearing help?

Balancing chakras enhances the strength of the auric field, promoting positive energy flow as well as a hard barrier that will provide further protection.

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Janna M
Janna M
Jan 21

Thanks for speaking on witchtok. The amount of ''romantisizing'' of the demons and negative entities is very very concerning. Especially because this is a place where beginners look for advice.


Jan 07

I know exactly what you mean about "reflecting the physical state" with our energies. I had a friend who was seriously scatterbrained. She was ALWAYS late. What other people didn't know is that she was physically and psychologically abused. It reflected in every area of her life. Her home was always messy too. Still, I tried to help her all the time. We were best friends and hung out a lot, although my life wasn't quite like hers. We both ended up moving apart. I had one of the biggest growth spurts in my life when I disconnected from that energy. Looking back, it wasn't just her. I was constantly helping people who always found a reason to be down.…


Don't sit on this one you'd be shocked as to how much all of it can effect you in your life and happiness, visualization and these types of meditations are extremely powerful, was feeling ill and had decent insomnia before doing this assumed it was a bug or something I had picked up, as soon as I did the meditations I felt a billion times better nearly instantly, I've felt so good after doing it its not even funny, thank you Ryan



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