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Hawaii Wildfires Possible Cause?: D.E.W Direct Energy Weapons

The devastating wildfires that swept through Hawaii have given rise to a theory that challenges conventional explanations of their origin. Social media users are stating that the destruction was not a result of natural causes, but rather orchestrated by the use of directed energy weapons (DEWs). This is further backed up by the fact that, as reported by Wired, in 2007, the Air Force Research Laboratory set up a dedicated section to develop Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) for deployment in the airspace above Hawaii and its territorial waters. This project is overseen by the Directed Energy Directorate situated at the Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico.

Understanding Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

Directed Energy Weapons, often abbreviated as DEWs, are advanced technological systems that employ high-energy lasers and electromagnetic energy to achieve various objectives. In military contexts, DEWs are considered a potential solution to combatting enemy forces and assets with precision and speed. These systems utilize concentrated electromagnetic energy to deliver effective results in strategic scenarios, as defined by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Prominent figures, such as the far-right online personality Stew Peters, have also engaged with this theory, asserting that the DEWs employed on Hawaii possess the capability to set even the vast Pacific Ocean ablaze. Terrifyingly enough, residents report seeing this weapon in action moments before the fire set ablaze to Hawaii's landscape. And with the onslaught of sightings worldwide, video and accounts alike are lending further credence to this theory.

Is It Really Just A Conspiracy?

As with any conspiracy theory, it's important to approach the claims with a healthy eye of scepticism and evaluate their validity through critical analysis. Although, the issue lies in the realm of critical analysis. If we were to consider only articles funded by the government as worthy of analysis, along with those associated with them, wouldn't that provide those conducting the experiments with a significant advantage. Why dismiss the very video evidence of these weapons being used out in the open, in such a way that would make you wonder. With 7.8 billion people on the earth they would be hard pressed to conduct their experiments in secret.

Maj. Gen. Kenneth Hara, commander general of the Hawaii Army National Guard, emphasizes; the combination of dry conditions, low humidity levels, and high winds created conditions conducive to the rapid spread of fires. These conditions are critical contributors to the escalation of the fires. There's a saying in the Kybalion - all truths are but half-truths. When it comes to deception, it's widely recognized that baking in a half-truth can be a much more effective method of misleading people. There's a feeling that comes along with this type of engagement. What do you sense from this event? Leave it in the comment section below.

Did The Simpsons Predict The Coming Of (DEW)?

"The Simpsons" does it again? This popular TV show has a knack for predicting future events. In this episode, "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus," we're shown a scene where a statue reflects sunlight, creating a focused beam that destroys the town of Springfield. No, it's not an airplane strapped with heavy military artillery, but you have to admit that this ''coincidence'' is kind of uncanny.


The Hawaii wildfire theory suggesting directed energy weapons (DEWs) caused the devastation challenges conventional understanding. The Air Force's DEW research connection adds intrigue, prompting us to scrutinize sources critically. Of course environmental factors must not be overlooked, but the notion of partial truths and deception adds layers to this story. This theory calls for an open-minded approach and rigorous examination of alternative explanations, while recognizing the involvement of multiple elements in such occurrences. Until we have clearer answers, the task of drawing a conclusion remains with us.

FAQs: Addressing Common Questions

1. Is the theory of DEWs causing wildfires supported?

Some online personalities and sightings have given weight to the theory, making it harder to dismiss outright.

2. How do directed energy weapons work in military contexts?

Directed energy weapons utilize high-energy lasers and electromagnetic energy to target and neutralize enemy forces and assets.

3. What about the official explanation for the wildfires?

Officials point to dry conditions, low humidity, and high winds as critical factors contributing to rapid fire spread.

4. How should we approach such theories?

It's crucial to remain open-minded, examining theories with a willingness to explore alternative explanations all the while recognizing their complexity.

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Jan 21

I can assure you as a Polynesian Hawaiian born spiritual child who lives thousands of miles away, no media covered the first few days I visited my homeland the night of the 8th, in the astral I was in a boat late night, out in the ocean with another Polynesian friend who is from the region too.. (we have cords connecting us to our birthplaces) we were picking up people lost in water waiting for Rescue. I only remembered the dream because I document them. A week later after learning of the fires I asked in meditation what exactly happened. the answer came back loud and clear. Two words... "murder group."


I had no idea the Simpsons predicted this as well, there's a Simpsons episode that predicts the end of days called Treehouse of Horror XXXI , and it and other predictions by it line up with a book called the third eye by Sophia Stewart (check out this site, as well as a episode that predicts aliens revealing themselves (Treehouse of Horror VII) and then taking over the world which is also talked about almost word for word in this book it also talks about almost the same as this posted Ryan made we must make everyone aware


I just watched a channeling video from the Pleiadians that addresses the situation and confirms these suspicions. Watch with your own discernment of course. They state that there was an incredibly positively oriented being located in Maui, and the Orion social memory complex attempted to stop this being by directing the weapon at the location to start the fires.

Feb 11
Replying to

I was going to bring this up!! It’s cool to see others who watch Sam


Aug 16, 2023

Sounds like the sea of fire



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