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Korean Clone & Kidnapping Story

This is a real incident that occurred in Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok. This is the first time I have actually told this story, either publicly or even to another person, apart from reports submitted to police. It happened in July 2018, and I kind of figured that humanity as a whole was too ‘young’ to understand certain topics and ideas.

But things are different now, with the ongoing collapse of the Deep State, and people are awakening in greater numbers. I was drawn to a young Korean woman (turned out to be a lot older than she seemed) who was acting erratically in the airport. I did not approach her, but sat down within 10 feet or so at the nearest seat. Some time later, she saw me doing asanas and told me that she too had been a student of Yoga. We got talking.

After a few minutes, it became clear that something was very wrong with this woman. She would make a number of perfect sentences and I thought she was quite intelligent in general, from the way she spoke. And then, it was as if her mind would start to fragment and the thoughts would scatter. She would smile and move on to a completely different topic in a non-natural way.

I felt that I was supposed to be here and that something was up, so I stuck around, chatting to the girl at intervals. She eventually told me some very deep stuff - she was a philosophy lecturer in South Korea, but they had kidnapped her and took her passport. She had been attacked in her room in Bangkok and woke up to find bruises on her thigh (when the mind control started, most likely). She was stranded in the terminal. They had also replaced her in South Korea with somebody different, but that looked just like her. And the reason they did this was because she spoke out openly against the powers.

My heart went out to her at that stage, as I was kind of aware of some of the atrocities that go on that the Muggles are completely ignorant of, with underground testing camps, black magic, and blackmail the currency of 3D politics. She had been replaced with a clone, and the Deep State were shattering her mind. It was the first time I had been physically confronted with the results of their interference in a conscious state.

Something strange happened next. I ended up going for a short nap, having an incredibly long wait for my flight and not wanting to leave, but not knowing what in Gods name to do. When I woke up, she had bought me a coffee. Which I, for some unfathomable reason, actually drank.

I started to feel really bad, really quickly. She told me to get out of here, and that I was in danger. While she may have given me the poison, I know it was not ‘her’ that gave me the poison. There were a couple of goons close by hovering around performing maintenance. I knew on a conscious level what was up. I have razor sharp clairsentience and rely on it heavily.

I thought I was dead - heart palpitations, major anxiety as I walked endlessly around the top terminal with my trolley of luggage, trying to walk off the jitters. Thankfully, after communicating with my guides, they cleared my Akash and I was restored. Rather, they gave me the motivation and willpower to command health for my body-mind, but either way I was cured. And happy to be alive - I thought my time was well and truly up, collapsed in a Bangkok Terminal.

The guides strongly advised me not to go back down, but also communicated they knew that I would. I was aware of what her fate would be, and she had to be made safe. Unfortunately, my role was purely observational (I still don't understand why Source would want me to view this, or why a human observer was necessary).

When I went back down, she was still there. I asked her what I could do to help, saying she should just get on a plane to Rishikesh with me. I had a vague notion that the saints of Rishikesh would be able to assist and that the mechanical powers had no power in that particular region of the globe, but it was not to be.

She had no passport anyway, and was ‘herself’ in her adamant refusal. She told me to contact Interpol, which I would later do, pointless as it was. But most of all, she seemed concerned for my well being. She kept saying to leave her alone, that she did not want to put me in danger. She told me to get away from her. And she said it sincerely, in between bouts of ‘strangeness’. I left, knowing there was nothing I could do, feeling pretty crummy.

I did, however, get her date of birth, and name, in Korean (South, I believe, but not 100% sure). The picture is attached below, along with an email submission I sent to international authorities. They did not respond.

I hope (and am relevantly confident) that her soul has moved to sunnier shores, and that atrocities against her noble spirit are not ongoing.

But I am honored to have met that girl.

Because, even through the mind control.

I truly caught a glimpse,

of her soul.

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