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How Every US President is Related to King John and Exploring His Demon Connection

Throughout the passage of time, unexpected connections can be found between all of the US presidents, except one. Linking them back to the formidable king, King John. This intriguing revelation has caught people's attention - not only because this is obviously intentional, but because King John has familial ties to a demon as well as a whole host of folklore.

BridgeAnne d'Avignon's Discovery

This all started with BridgeAnne d'Avignon from Salinas, California. At just age 12, her curiosity led her to explore her family history. Little did she know that this simple curiosity would set her on a remarkable journey, revealing this unique family connection spanning generations.

Unveiling King John: Beyond Villainy

Though frequently portrayed as the antagonist in the Robin Hood stories, King John's historical role was intricate. Beyond his depiction in tales of bold, his signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 introduced principles that would profoundly impact the course of democracy, not only in England but also in the United States.

The Enigmatic Demon Connection

King John's connection with "The Devil's Brood."

King John's connection to the esteemed House of Plantagenet is complex, as It's marked with ambition, power struggles, and family bonds. And as a member of this dynasty, John played a pivotal role in shaping England's future as well as the dynasty's legacy. Born into a lineage that boasted impressive rulers, John's reign added depth and controversy to the Plantagenet saga.

Tracing his roots back to the lineage Plantagenet also known as "The Devil's Brood," John carried the weight of his ancestors' mysterious beginnings. The name "Plantagenet" itself comes from Geoffrey of Anjou, who was adorned this name simply because he used to wear a sprig of broom blossom in his helmet. These significances linked King Jhon to a dynasty drenched in both historical importance and folklore.

The Folklore Surrounding The House of Plantagenet

The folklore surrounding the House of Plantagenet weaves tales of mystery and magic into history. This dynasty spanning from the 12th to the 15th century, isn't just loaded with facts; it's a rich saga with legends that still captivate audiences today. Let's explore this captivating folklore:

1. Origin and the Mysterious Countess: The Plantagenet story starts off with Count Geoffrey of Anjou and his marriage to Empress Matilda - The "Demon Countess of Anjou." Legend has it that Matilda behaved oddly, which led to rumors about her being linked to demons. She rarely attended church, and one day, she vanished out a window. This led to speculation that her descendants - including the Plantagenets, had supernatural ties.

2. The Melusine Legend: This tale involves Melusine, often shown as a woman with a fish-like lower body and wings. Her legend links her to noble houses like Limburg-Luxemburg, House of Anjou, House of Plantagenet i.e.

(kings of England), and the French House of Lusignan. All of which are said to descend from Melusine, combining themes of water nymphs, mermaids, and humans.

3. The Devil's Brood Legacy: The "Devil's Brood" story adds mystery to the Plantagenet history. Legend states that the Plantagenets were believed to be descendants of a union between a Count of Anjou and the daughter of Satan. This name adds to the family's occult like reputation, hinting at an otherworldly past.

4. International Legends and Ambitions: The Plantagenet dynasty's influence was not confined to the shores of England alone. They ruled vast territories across Europe, from Normandy to Aquitaine, and even claimed dominion over parts of France. Their aspirations knew no bounds, extending to Scotland, Ireland, and beyond.

5. The Charm of French Influence: The name "Plantagenet" echoes their French origins. Speaking French added elegance to their English story, blending both romance and history together.

These legends aren't just stories—they're a mysterious cloak that hangs over the Plantagenet dynasty, transforming history into an tapestry where the occult blends with reality. They remind us that the past isn't only about facts and names, but a place where the supernatural forces of our world and the mundane world come together, shaping a dynasty's legacy.

Presidential Traits: Ambition and Power

One cannot ignore the common trait that these presidents tend to exhibit—an innate ambition for power. This trait, embedded in the very core of leadership, invites contemplation on the interplay between shared characteristics and historical destinies.


In the realm where history intertwines with the occult, a remarkable revelation emerges: the lineage that binds U.S. presidents to King John of England. This mysterious connection invites us to question the intricacies of destiny, shared traits, and the timeless stories that shape our world.


1. Is there definitive proof of the ancestral connection between U.S. presidents and King John?

The connection, while intriguing, is not without debate and ongoing research. Genealogy often involves complexity and interpretation.

2. What impact did King John have beyond the genealogical link?

King John's legacy is marked by the Magna Carta's influence on democratic principles, echoing through history and governance.

3. How does the demon connection add an element of mystery to the narrative?

The demon connection intrigues many on-goers including conspiracy theorists alike. Furthermore, the folklore surrounding the house of Plantagenet further ingrains an element of truth into this narrative.

4. What role does ambition play in the shared traits among presidents?

Ambition for power is the trait that has bridged generations. Although, as we ponder these common traits we are left wondering as to how these personal qualities have interacted with the course of history.

5. How does BridgeAnne d'Avignon's journey inspire others?

BridgeAnne's journey from curiosity to political goals demonstrates how exploring history can transform our dreams and inform the wider world.


YES! loving this mind opening content, this is scary true with how they have influenced the world.


Aug 15, 2023

What do you think of this story, would you like to read others like this in the future?

Feb 23
Replying to

I would, yes. And I appreciated the questions section at the end.



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